* fill your world with super cool hooping videos!
* help you master impressive tricks!
* invite you to hoop jams!

* skirtyhoops collates a range of hoop performance videos, hoop trick tutorials, hoop event info and other hoop related posts into one place for UK hoopers, specifically those in Brighton and surrounding areas.

Hoop experience:
* Having started hooping by chance in Brighton in August 2009, Skirty of skirtyhoops took part in regular weekly hoop classes with the West London Hoop Group led by Tracey Chin of Hoop and Glory from January 2010.

skirtyhoops with her hoop instructor Tracey Chin a.k.a. Hoop and Glory

Skirty and Tracey at a Regent’s Park hoop jam, 2010

Regular attendees at Tracey’s class included Ketishia Vaughan (SpinSugar), Danielle Jones,  Natasha Putnins and Rebecca Wilson with occasional drop-ins from Cyrena Lang (Dragon Hooper) and burlesque circus hoop performer Chi Chi Revolver.

* By May 2010, Skirty starting taking fire hooping lessons with Anna ‘The’ Hulagan and Roxanne Ridge of YogaROX.

Hoop training:                                                                                                                           * skirtyhoops has completed a number of hoop courses and classes including:* Hoop Gathering UK‘s ‘Get it started’ in July 2010 with Sharna Rose (InnerSpin), SaFire (Hula Hoop City), Diana Defries (Hoopswhirled), Beth Lavinder (Heart and Hoop Dance), Karin de Wit (Movin’ Circle), Frenchy and Gems Goddard (UK Hoop Gathering).

Hoop Gathering 2010 9.jpg

Team work hoop activity at UK Hoop Gathering 2010

* Circus wedgie tricks and multi-hooping ‘Fancy starts and Kick ups’ one day intensive course with Angie Mack and Satya Bella of Hoop O’Clock Collective in October 2011.
* Workshop with Hoopie Award 2016 winner Sharna Rose at Camden Market November 2010.


In a spin at Sharna’s workshop

* Workshop on Twin Hooping workshop with multiple Hoopie Award winner Gail O’Brien (Hoopspin) ‘Pushing the boundaries -One handed Butterfly and beyond – two hoops one hand’, The Factory, London July 2011.                                                                                                                
Awards:                                                                                                                                          * skirtyhoops undertook the role of final panelist judge for Hooping.org‘s famous ‘Hoopie Awards 2012‘.

Hoop events:
Skirty has attended several hoop events including:
* World Hoop Day, London on 10th October 2010 at London’s biggest hoop: The London Eye! Forming a flash mob LED hoop dance with Sharna Rose, Tracey Chin, Diana Defries, Natasha Putnins, Roxanne Ridge and Rebecca Wilson.

skirtyhoops at World Hoop Day 10.10.10 10th October 2010 with Sharna Rose Bevan

World Hoop Day, London Eye, 10/10/10

* Rock-a-hula at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes.

* Performers without Borders fundraising events and fire performances in Hackney.
* Skirty was a regular attendee at Alex Lee’s Full Moon Fire Spins, Dirty Beach, London from 2010-2012 with Tracey Chin (Hoop and Glory), Ketishia (Spin Sugar), Danielle Jones, Natasha Putnins and Rebecca Wilson, to represent LED glow hoopers and fire hoopers amongst the fire spinners and fire toy artists.


Alex Lee’s Full Moon Fire Spin, Dirty Beach, Oxo Tower, London 2011

Hoop teaching:                                                                                                                                * Skirty has created a handful of hoop trick tutorials, one of which was published on Philo Hagen‘s Hooping.org: The ‘Revolving Body Wrap‘ for which Skirty was later credited by Sharna Rose as Sharna developed a further extension of the move.

Revolving_Body_Wrap_Hoop_Dance_Tutorial Full embellished

skirtyhoops’ YouTube tutorial for the ‘Revolving Body Wrap’ in 2012

* Skirty has run lunch time hula hoop clubs for pupils at primary schools in West London from 2010-2014.

Television appearances and performances:                                                                                              * Skirty was part of BBC Blue Peter’s Guinness Book of World Records breaking Most People Hoop Dancing event at the farewell event for BBC Television Centre, Shepherd’s Bush, London in June 2011, which was covered by national press including The GuardianThe Evening Standard, Belfast Telegraph, Manchester Evening News and BBC News. Skirty organised for 50 pupils from the West London primary school she taught at to participate in this Guiness World Record event (which has since been broken by a high school in Japan in 2014). Skirty trained her pupils for the mass hoop dance to Alex Gaudino featuring Kelly Rowland‘s ‘What a feeling‘ with Britain’s Got Talent‘s HoopLaLa leading the record-breaking dance.     

BBC Blue Peter Hula Hoop Guinness World Record Skirtyhoops.jpg

BBC Blue Peter World Record Hoop Dance event, BBC Television Centre, 28th June 2011

* Skirty performed with twin hoops at a wedding in Stamner Park, Brighton 2011 and with the Fire Mecca All-Lite LED glow hoop to a 100-strong crowd at a wedding reception at West Hill Hall, Brighton in 2011.

skirthoops twin hooping double hooping thread the needle 2

Twin hooping at a wedding in Brighton, 2011

* Skirty is a CRB-checkedqualified teacher and completed a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages at the University of Sussex in 2009.
* Skirty worked as a primary school teacher in inner-city London for 5 years (where she also became a hoop ninja!) and completed specialist PE teacher training and dance courses aimed at primary-aged children.
* Skirty trained in Wado-Ryu karate at Sama Karate Club to earn her 1st Dan black belt by 1993.
* As a keen traveller, Skirty spent a number of years working and studying abroad in France, Germany, French West Indies and Indian Ocean after graduating with a degree in French and German.
* Skirty is a born and bred Brightonian, now back in her hometown of Brighton since 2014, Skirty established the skirtyhoops hoop dance network in 2016.


Nunchuku and hooping simultaneously at The Level, Brighton 2015


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